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Dedicated team delivering high-quality, robust and reliable IT solutions of any complexity and performing as a trusted IT service provider on the European market. - since 2017 -


Devensis offers a unique combination of assets that make it ideally suited for outsourcing development to us.

Flexible Sources

Due to the project requirements, our clients afford hiring a team or only one developer, loyal and dedicated in both cases.


We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong partnerships, which are the key to our success.
Our company has already built strong alliances with well-respected Northern European technology companies, that are supported by the government.

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Comprehensive services forany project

Project Management

Our goal is to bring about the highest value for our clients. We measure, monitor and analyze your success and that is why we adopt client's processes and tools for continuous cooperation. We ensure that our engagements are transparent. We listen for and respond to customer’s feedback.

UX/UI Design

Beginning with deep user research, we dive into creating a content strategy and wireframing. By making the UX/UI pursuant to engineering, we raise up relationships between product and its users (not only fancy pictures, but successful product)

Quality assurance

We control our projects through continuous monitoring and improvement. We use best practices in QA to catch regressions and produce automated integration for our team to set and maintain high-quality standards.


We create interfaces with great care to even the smallest detail. We bring exclusive web experience to life using a proven methodology and cutting-edge technology base to build customized responsive cross-browser, cross-platform websites and applications.


We provide your apps with smartest brains. To build efficient and secure server system for mobile and web-based apps, our developers are excessively tech-savvy and versed in technologies. We think creatively and respond outside the box by finding progressive thinking, effective solutions wherever possible.


Keeping pace with progress, we use state-of-the-art technologies for native mobile development for iOS and Android. Our talents deal with any complexity for any device.

from startups to the

We have been proudly serving our clients, especially in the field of medicine and pharmacy.

Having an extensive experience building products that are recognised by governmental bodies we strive to deliver the next generation solutions to our clients.

It stands to reason that results speak louder than words


MedCafe is an online offering listing webinars on a range of different topics all in one place. The webinars are given by Consultant and/or NCHD experts with a GP audience in mind.

The underlying technology can be used to deliver webinars of all sizes, from single-handed practices to GP audiences nationwide.


Therapy Academy is an online resource for therapists and those concerned with the mental health field to take CPD courses and further their expertise.

Therapy Academy provides an interactive learning experience where the participant takes their chosen course online through the easy to use website. It delivers courses that are suitable for online learning and are recognized by governing bodies for reaccreditation.


Prescription Revision is making it easy for students to master their clinical knowledge and succeed in examinations. It gives students practical everyday advice on the diagnosis and treatment of clinical conditions.

Video tutorials make it easy for students to understand key clinical concepts.


Ross Medical Practice is Killarney’s longest serving General Practice. For over 100 years, Ross Medical Practice have been dedicated to bringing the highest standards of care in General Practice to their patients.


Race gives you all races in Sweden. Everything bundled on mobile and PC, 24/7, all year round! A meeting place for organizers and racers where every race is represented, fully bookable and always available.